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Special Memory by Nicole Laurel Asensio & Iwi Laurel [Official Music Video]
Bagsakan Legends by Andrea Brilliantes, Dogie, ChooxTV & Eruption [Official Music Video]
Rosas by Magnus Haven [Official Lyric Video]
Sunshine by Juan Caoile, Kyleswish [Official Music Video]
SRRY by King Badger [Official Music Video]
(the things i do) Just to Be with You by Joshua Feliciano [Official Music Video]
Botante Importante by Kean Cipriano, Max Importunate [Official Audio]
Labis-labis by Sponge Cola [Official Music Video]
Saludo Ako Sa Iyo Nanay by Gloc-9 [Lyric Video]
Araw by JMKO [Lyric Video]
Fix Me by Jake Zyrus [Lyric Video]
Prom by Tatyana Galan [Official Lyric Video]
Real You by Iyann [Official Audio]
Unsaon by SSTRS [Official Lyric Video]
Upuan by Ben&Ben [Official Lyric Video]
Take Back by Iyann [Official Audio]
DNDN by Guddhist Gunatita [Official Music Video]
Mama by Davey Langit [Official Music Video]
Angelina by Nik Makino [Lyric Video]
Sana Bukas by Kurei [Official Music Video]
Free by Julie Anne San Jose [Official Music Video]
Marupok by D Coy & Eich [Official Music Video]
Gawin by 1096 Gang [Official Music Video]
Chiyo by Range [Official Music Video]
Hidlaw by Mista Blaze [Official Lyric Video]
Ayoko Na by Jr.Crown feat. Mhyre [Official Lyric Video]
Huwag Ka Nang Umiyak by Ron Solis [Music Video]
Maging Sino Ka Man by Juanthugs ft. Colli Tugista [Official Music Video]
Sulti Pa Lang Ka by Kurt Fick x Jacky Chang [Official Lyric Video]
Sigurado by Imago [Official Music Video]
Ba't Ka Pa Bumalik by Fused [Official Music Video]
Huminga by Zild [Official Music Video]
Gunit Ra by Zach x Zeph [Official Music Video]
Aking Lahi (14 Dialect Song) by Flict-G
Pandemya by Rockalyt [Music Video]
Art of Letting Go by Janine Teñoso [Official Audio]
My Favorite Movie by Gilyan Saludes [Official Audio]
Orbiting by Reese Lansangan [Official Audio]
KIMMI by Kim Chiu x DJ M.O.D. [Lyric Video]
Free by Julie Anne San Jose [Official Lyric Video]
Kailan Ka Babalik by Pat Cardoza [Official Lyric Video]
Stay The Night by Kurei [Official Music Video]
All The Way by Gian Magdangal [Official Audio]