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Init Sa Magdamag by Jona [Lyric Video]
Komplikado by KVN [Lyric Video]
Ere by Alisson Shore feat. Aypi [Music Video]
Vibe Check by Matthaios feat. Lonezo [Official Music Video]
Payong by Gloc-9 feat. Perf De Castro [Official Music Video]
Oras by I Belong to the Zoo [Official Lyric Video]
Apat by Zild [Official Music Video]
Tayong Dalawa by Your Last Stanza [Official Lyric Video]
Iyong Iyo by Zack Tabudlo [Lyric Video]
Praise The Lord by Lo Ki [Official Lyric Video]
Tulay by Kyleswish feat. Yayoi [Official Lyric Video]
24 by TALA [Official Lyric Video]
Walk On Water by Kean Cipriano feat. Chynna Ortaleza [Official Audio]
All I Know by WAIIAN [Official Music Video]
Halika by Chong [Official Music Video]
Puyat by Jade Ivy [Official Audio]
Sa Aking Mundo by Sparo feat. Gloc-9 [Lyric video]
Walang Kapantay by The Knobs [Official Music Video]
Relihiyoso by Ell [Official Audio]
19 by Jnske [Lyric Video]
Sexy Love by Michael Pangilinan x Skusta Clee [Audio]
Paraluman by Kyle Raphael [Official Music Video]
Phoenix by Morissette [Official Music Video]
Baka Pwede by Flick One [Official Lyric Video]
Night & Day by Kenji [Official Lyric Video]
Muabot Ra Na by Jude Pastor [Official Lyric Video]
Sandali Lang by Shanne Dandan [Official Music Video]
Kalimutan Ka by Rouge [Official Music Video]
LALA by Yzkk & Kiyo [Official Lyric Video]
Halong by SUD [Official Audio]
Paraluman by Kyle Raphael [Official Lyric Video]
You by Mika Salamanca [Lyric Video]
Bank Holiday by Glaiza De Castro [Official Music Video]
Huwag Ka Nang Babalik by Kakai Bautista [Lyric Video]
All About You by Chloe feat. KVN [Lyric Video]
Itatago Na Lang by RJZON [Lyric Video]
Always Stay The Same by SAB [Lyric Video]
I'll Never Let You Go by GUJI [Official Music Video]
Oo, Hindi by Marco Gallo [Official Music Video]
Sentido by Mic Shaw [Official Music Video]
Bloom For Me by Zae [Official Audio]
Bathala by Banda ni Kleggy feat. BenteDos [Official Lyric Video]
Ayuz by John Roa [Official Music Video]