Yas Queen by Jensen Gomez feat. Dani Idea [Official Lyric Video]

For self-love, empowerment, and confidence. This one is dedicated to all the queens out there!

"Yas Queen"
Artists: Jensen Gomez, Dani Idea
Writer, Arranger, Producer: Jensen Gomez
Mixing: Jensen Gomez, Magic Montano
Mastering: Magic Montano

Cast: Dani Idea, Angela Idea
Creative Direction / Director: Rem Brofar
Editor: Angela Idea
Styling: Angela Idea
Production Design: Angela Idea
Lyric Video Animator: Rem Brofar
Color Grading and Post Processing: Rem Brofar
Executive Producer: Ricky Del Rosario Ilacad
Video Producer: Jensen Gomez, Rem Brofar
Supervising Video Producer: Francis Dayao
Music Producer: Jensen Gomez
Digital & Marketing Manager: Basia R. Joaquin
Marketing Executive: Alyssa Pe Benito
Social Media Graphics and Creatives: Gian Ramelb

"Yas Queen" Lyrics:

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